Wisconsin TimberRattlers at Kane County Cougars

April 13th, 2002

Jeff Ellena DH 4 0 0 0
Miguel Villilo LF 3 2 1 0
Shin Soo Choo RF 3 1 1 2
Greg Dobbs 3B 4 1 1 2
Alex Cadena 1B 2 0 1 0
Sean Peless PH/1B 1 0 0 0
Luis Oliveros C 4 0 0 0
Guillermo Martinez 2B 4 0 1 0
Harvey Monte CF 4 0 0 0
Cory Freeman SS 3 1 1 0
Anthony Brewer CF 3 1 2 2
Heath Kelly 2B 4 0 1 0
Scott Hicks 1B 5 1 2 1
Hunter Wyant DH 5 1 2 2
George Arnott LF 3 0 0 0
Charlie Frazier RF 4 1 2 0
Michael Tucker 3B 4 0 1 0
Winton Zapey C 3 1 2 0
Rex Rundgren SS 4 1 1 0

Wisconsin 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 5 6 3
Kane County 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 6 13 2

E-Dobbs, Freeman 2, Kelly, Rundgren, LOB WIS-3, KC-10, 2B-Choo, Freeman, Hicks, Frazier, HR-Dobbs (Cave), Wyant (Patten), SB-Frazier 2, CS-Frazier, HBP-Cadena, SACB-Kelly, GIDP-Choo, Oliveros, Wyant, Arnott

Name IP H R ER BB SO Decison
Renee Cortez 5.1 5 4 3 3 2 ND 85p 52s
Ramon Royce 2.1 6 0 0 0 1 ND 37p 25s
Lanny Patten 0.1 2 2 2 1 1 L (1-1) 15p 8s

Name IP H R ER BB SO Decison
Dontrelle Willis 7 3 1 0 1 2 ND 82p 53s
Elvis DeJesus 0.2 2 3 3 1 2 ND 23p 13s
Kevin Cave 1.1 1 1 1 0 1 W (1-0) 21p 15s

HB-Willis, WP-Cortez, Willis, BK-Cortez 2, PB-Zapey, SO-Ellena 2, Dobbs, Martinez, Monte, Kelly, Wyant, Frazier, Zapey, BB-Villilo, Choo, Brewer 2, Arnott, Zapey

T-2:50, A-4,005

Dontrelle Willis pitched seven good innings in his second start of the season, but he ended up with a no decison, after a late homer by the Rattlers. Willis pitched very well, he gave up three hits, and one unearned run. He walked one and struck out two. The one thing that stands out though is that he had 12 ground ball outs, compared to just 3 fly ball outs. He threw 82 pitches, 53 for strikes.

Hunter Wyant hit a homerun to win the game in the ninth inning, it was his first professional homer. The ball went straight down the left field line.

The Cougars missed a few chances to extended their lead in the game, in the seventh inning. Anthony Brewer lead things off with a single to left. Heath Kelly then tried to bunt Brewer over but since the third baseman couldn't pick up the ball, he was safe. Scott Hicks then single into the whole on the left side of the infield. The reason there was a big whole was the fact that the runners were going on the pitch. The Cougars now had the bases loaded with nobody out. Wyant then grounded one to third, the third baseman then threw home to get the force on Brewer, the catcher then threw to first and got the double play on Wyant. George Arnott then came on and lined out to left to end the inning, without a run scoring.

In the eighth inning it was more of the same but this time there were two outs. Winton Zapey singled to center. Rex Rundgren singled to left. Anthony Brewer then walked. Heath Kelly then struck out with the bases loaded after fouling a few pitches off.

Anthony Brewer had two hits in the game both singles, but the thing that caught my eye was his deffense. Brewer is from the city of Chicago, so he is a local. Anthony has run down some ball that I believe I have only seen former Cougar Quincy Foster be able to just be in the same area code as. In the sixth inning, Alejandro Cadena singled to third. Luis Oliveros then hit a rocket to very deep center field. Brewer was playing him way off in the other direction. He ran the ball down near the warning track. Cadena must've thought that there was absoulutly no way he was going to catch this ball since he was between second and third when he caught it. Brewer then threw off balance back to first base to get the double play.

The scoring started in the top of the first when, the game got ugly right from the get go. Jeff Ellena lead thing off by reaching on and error by shortstop Rex Rundgren. Miguel Villio then reached on an error by second baseman Heath Kelly. On the play Ellena made it to third. Shin-soo Choo then grounded back to Willis. Dontrelle made a nice leaping grab to keep the ball in the infield. Willis then got wild, he threw a wild pitch. on the play Ellena would try to score, catcher Zapey got to the ball quickly and threw it back to Willis who put down the tag to get Ellena for the first out of the inning. Another wild pitch on a third strike to Greg Dobbs would allow Villio to trot home.

The Cougars would answer back in the bottom of the inning when, Anthony Brewer lead things off with a walk. Heath Kelly then singled to center. Scott Hicks hit into a fielder's choice, where Kelly would be out at second. On the play Brewer would score.

Getting the lead in the second inning the Cougars would score three runs in the frame. Charles Frazier would lead thing off with a single to center, then steal second. Michael Tucker then grounded out to first to move Frazier to third. Frazier would then score on a wild pitch by Rattlers starter Renee Cortez. Winton Zapey then walked. Rex Rundgren then reached on an error when the shortstop couldn't pick up the ball. Cortez would then balk the runners to second and third. Anthony Brewer then singled to center to bring home both Zapey and Rundgren. Cortez then would balk again, this time Brewer would go to second. Kelly then poped out ot center. Scott Hicks then grounded out to short.

The Rattlers would take the lead in the eighth inning, reliever Elvis DeJesus had just come into the game to start the inning. Harvey Monte struck out. Corey Freeman then doubled to left. Jeff Ellena struck out. Miguel Villio walked. Shin-soo Choo doubled to left to score both Freeman and Villio. The Cougars would then bring in the closer, Kevin Cave. He would come in and the first hitter he faced, Greg Dobbs took him down the right field line for a three run homer to take the lead. On the play I thought the ball was foul from were I sit.

In the bottom of the ninth the Cougars were down by one, Scott Hicks doubled to center. The Rattlers reliever Lanny Patten tried to pick off Hicks at second and threw the ball into center field. Hicks would move up to third. Hunter Wyant then took Patten deep to left field, right on the foul line for the game winning homer.

Appleton Post Cresent

by Matt Cross

Wisconsin TimberRattlers president Larry Trucco said the Rattlers front office staff has done more this year to market and promote the squad ever before.

And yet somehow it has all been for naught as ticket sales are sluggish.

"I don't know how we can get the word out any better than we have, and ticket sales are pretty flat." Trucco said. "We really see that as a cumulative effect of having no spring to speak of."

The Rattlers budget for five rainouts every year, adn for the past two seasons, they have hit that prediction right on.

Trucco is slightly concerned about starting the season with two cancellations that pushed the home opener back twice.

"We've only got three budgeted rainouts left, so from a business point of view, that's a little scary," he said.

He said he is trying to stay optimistic that with a little luck the team can regain it's losses, but he fears that a cold and wet March has affected the fans' mood for baseball.

Most of the fans at last Tuesday's home opener disagreed but Trucco pointed to slow pregame sales for all dates this season as a bad omen.

He's No 1.
Joe Mauer, who was the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2001 by the Minnesota Twins, has started this season at Quad City and will be at Fox Cities Stadium on Tuesday to start a three game series against the Rattlers.

Baseball America ranks Mauer the No 7. prospect in the minor leagues, and he might be the biggest star Rattlers fans will see this year.

His professionall baseball career has been rocky at best, but despite his slow start, he said the pressures of being the No 1. picks haven't been a factor.

"Others try to make it tough on you, like opposing pitchers who try a little extra because they know who you are," he said, "But I try not to let it bother me."

Mauer, who will turn 19 on Friday, started this season two for 10 with one RBI in his first five games.

The 6 for 4, 220 pound catcher has also been used at first base and designated hitter because, he said, the Twins want him to get as many at bats as possible.

Besides his baseball obligations, Mauer said the hardest part about his transition from high school to the pros has been learning how to live on his own.

"It has been a rough first week getting set up here," he said, "You have to find a place to live and pay your bills, ect, You just have to take care of all the things you took for granted living at home."

Maybe he can find a way to pay his bills with the team record $5.15 million signing bonus the Twins gave him.

Who's up first
When Rattlers leadoff hitter Jeff Ellena missed a couple of games last week because of food poising he got on Monday, his security at that No 1. spot might have slipped a notch.

He missed Wisconsin's double header against Burlington on Tuesday, and Miguel Villilo went three for seven with two doubles and a run scored in Ellen's spot in the order.

Ellena has been struggling. Through Friday, he was batting .259 with 11 strikeouts in 27 at bats.

While Rattlers manager Gary Thurman said the job is still Ellena's, he added that Villilo's performance maes it easier for him to consider making a change.

"For me, it's Ellena's spot to lose," he said, "But Villilo did the job, and if I had to change you know, it's not so bad putting him in the leadoff spot."

In the last six games prior to Saturday, Villilo was 14 for 27 (.519) with nine runs scored and three doubles.

He has spent most of his time in the Nos 1 and 2 slots in the batting order and has given Rattlers a solid offensive spark. Through Friday, Villilo led the team with a .444 batting average, 10 runs scored, 16 hits and 19 total bases. His on base percentage was a robust .528.

In need of a jump start
Starting pitcher Renee Cortez suffered through the only really bad outing for Wisconsin when he gave up three runs and three walks before getting yanked in the third inning last week.

His earned run average balloned to 10.13, and he is the only Rattlers start yet to have a decent performance.

Play By Play

Rattlers 1st
Ellena, reaches on error by short stop Rundgren
Villilo, reaches on error by second baseman Kelly, Ellena moves to second.
Choo, grounds out pitcher Willis to first baseman Hicks., runners move to second and third.
Dobbs, struck out, ball got away from catcher Zapey, Zapey throws to pitcher Willis, Ellena out at home, Villilo to third, Dobbs to first
-wild pitch on Willis, Cadena scores, Dobbs to second.
Cadena, grounded out shortstop Rundgren to first baseman Hicks.
Rattlers 1, Cougars 0

Cougars 1st
Brewer, walks
Kelly, singles to center, Brewer to third.
Hicks, reaches on a fielder's choice, Brewer scores, Kelly out at second base, first baseman Cadena to short stop Freeman, Hicks to first.
Wyant, singles to third, Hicks to second.
Arnott, lines out to centerfielder Monte, Wyant out at first on throw from centerfielder Monte to first baseman Cadena, double play.
Rattlers 1, Cougars 1

Rattlers 2nd
Oliveros, grounds out second baseman Kelly to first baseman Hicks
Martinez, singles to center
Monte, reaches on fielder's choice, Martinez out at second, first baseman Hicks to short stop Rundgren. Monte to first
Freeman, pops up foul to first baseman Hicks
Rattlers 1, Cougars 1

Cougars 2nd
Frazier, singles to center
-Frazier steals second.
Tucker, grounds out, first baseman Cadena to pitcher Cortez, Frazier to third.
-wild pitch by Cortez, Frazier scores.
Zapey, walks
Rundgren, reached on error by short stop Freeman, Zapey to second.
-balk by Cortez, Zapey to third and Rundgren to second.
Brewer, singles to center, both Zapey and Rundgren scores.
-balk by Cortez, Brewer to second.
Kelly, pops out to centerfielder Monte
Hicks, grounds out to short stop Freeman to first baseman Cadena
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Rattlers 3rd
Ellena, strikes out
Villilo, singles to left
Choo, grounds into a double play, Villilo out at second, short stop Rundgren to second baseman Kelly to first baseman Hicks.
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Cougars 3rd
Wyant, strikes out
Arnott, grounds out short stop Freeman to first baseman Cadena
Frazier, doubles to left
Tucker, grounds out third baseman Dobbs to first baseman Cadena
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Rattlers 4th
Dobbs, grounds out to second baseman Kelly to first baseman Hicks
Cadena, hit by pitch.
Oliveros, reaches on fielder's choice, Cadena out at second, third baseman Tucker to second baseman Kelly. Oliveros to first
Martinez, grounds out to third baseman Tucker to first baseman Hicks
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Cougars 4th
Zapey, strikes out
Rundgren, grounds out, firstbaseman Cadena to pitcher Cortez
Brewers, pops out to first baseman Cadena
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Rattlers 5th
Monte, grounded out to short stop Rundgren to first baseman Hicks
Freeman, grounds out pitcher Willis to first baseman Hicks
Ellena, grounds out third baseman Tucker to first baseman Hicks
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Cougars 5th
Kelly, grounds out short stop Freeman to first baseman Cadena
Hicks, grounds out second baseman Martinez to first baseman Cadena
Wyant, grounds out short stop Freeman to first baseman Hicks
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Rattlers 6th
Villilo, grounds out second baseman Kelly to first baseman Hicks
Choo, walks
Dobbs, flies out to centerfielder Brewer, Choo out at first centerfielder Brewer to first baseman Hicks, double play.
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Cougars 6th
Arnott, walks
Frazier, reaches on fielder's choice, Arnott out at second, short stop Freeman to second baseman Martinez, Frazier to first
Pitching Change:Ramon Roynce replaces Renee Cortez
-Frazier steals second
Tucker singles to right., Frazier to second.
-Frazier caight at third, caught stealing, pitcher Royce to third baseman Dobbs to short stop Freeman
Zapey, singles to left.
Rundgren, reaches on fielder's choice, Zapey out at second, short stop Freeman to second baseman Martinez
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Rattlers 7th
Cadena, singles to center
Oliveros, grounds into double play, Cadena out at second, short stop Rundgren to second baseman Kelly to first baseman Hicks
Martinez, grounds out short stop Rundgren to first baseman Hicks
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Cougars 7th
Brewer, singles to left
Kelly, reaches on error by third baseman Dobbs, Brewer to second
Hicks, singles to short, bases loaded
Wyant, grounds into double play, Brewer out at home, third baseman Dobbs to catcher Oliveros to first baseman Cadena.
Arnott, lines out to leftfielder Villilo
Rattlers 1, Cougars 4

Rattlers 8th
Pitching Change:Elvis DeJesus replaces Dontrelle Willis
Monte, strikes out
Freeman, doubles to left
Ellena, strikes out
Villilo, walks
Choo, doubles to left, Freeman and Villilo score
Pitching Change:Kevin Cave replaces Elvis DeJesus
Dobbs, home run to right field, Choo scores
Pitch Hitter:Sean Peless replaces Alex Cadena
Peless, lines out to leftfielder Arnott
Rattlers 5, Cougars 4

Cougars 8th
Frazier, strikes out
Tucker, grounds out short stop Freeman to first baseman Peless
Zapey, singles to center
Rundgren, singles to left, Zapey to second
Pitching Change:Lanny Patten replaces Ramon Royce
Brewer, walks, bases loaded
Kelly, strikes out
Rattlers 5, Cougars 4

Rattlers 9th
Oliveros, pops out to centerfielder Brewer
Martinez, strikes out
Monte, grounds out second baseman Kelly to first baseman Hicks
Rattlers 5, Cougars 4

Cougars 9th
Hicks, doubles to center
-Hicks, moves to third on a pickoff attempt by pitcher Patten to short stop Freeman, error on Freeman on the missed catch.
Wyant, home run to left center, Hicks scores, game winner
Rattlers 5, Cougars 6


Patrick Barnes, 10
Renee Cortez, 34
Juan Done, 35
Emiliano Fruto, 21
Daniel Head, 36
Michael Kesten, 6
Ryan Ketchner, 29
Lanny Patten, 24
Jeff Perez, 5
Ryan Rowland-Smith, 33
Ramon Royce, 25
Tanner Watson, 31

Alex Cadena, 13
Chris Collins, 8
Luis Oliveros, 22

Greg Dobbs, 19
Jeff Ellena, 4
Dan Floyd, 16
Cory Freeman, 1
Guillermo Martinez, 23
Sean Peless, 20

Shin Soo Choo, 17
Harvey Monte, 7
Jason Rainey, 11
Miguel Villilo, 27

Kane County
Phil Akens, 28
Jon Asahina, 16
Tyler Banks, 17
Allen Baxter, 31
Kevin Cave, 24
Elvis DeJesus, 99
Lou Evans, 22
Jeff Fulchino, 37
Tim Schilling, 15
Frailyn Florian, 4
Nick Ungs, 39
Dontrelle Willis, 10

George Arnott, 7
Guy Lynam, 3
Winton Zapey, 20

William Arroyo, 9
Kris Clute, 6 (DL)
Juan Carlos Garcia, 18
Heath Kelly, 12
Rex Rundgren, 26
Jason Stokes, 27
Michael Tucker, 5
Hunter Wyant, 8

Anthony Brewer, 25
Charlie Frazier, 21
Scott Hicks, 29