Kane County Cougars at Peoria Chiefs

May 26th, 2002
Game 2

Charlie Frazier CF 5 0 1 1
Hunter Wyant DH 5 0 2 1
Jason Stokes 1B 5 0 3 0
Scott Hicks RF 5 0 1 0
George Arnott LF 4 0 1 0
Michael Tucker 3B 4 0 1 0
Winton Zapey C 4 0 0 0
Rex Rundgren SS 3 2 2 0
William Arroyo 2B 4 1 2 0
Neil Simoneaux 2B 4 0 1 1
Jesse Roman LF 3 1 1 0
Jordan Robison PR/LF 1
Tim Lemon RF 4 0 0 0
Chris Duncan DH 3 0 0 1
Chase Voshell PR
Gabe Johnson 3B 4 0 1 0
John Nelson SS 4 0 1 1
Bryan Moore 1B 3 1 0 0
Clint Chauncey C 3 2 2 1
Rick Asadoorian CF 3 0 0 0

Kane County 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 3 13 1
Peoria 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 1 X 5 6 1

E-Arnott, Nelson, LOB KC-10, PEO-6, 2B-Arroyo, Roman, Chauncey, SB-Simoneaux, Moore, HBP-Duncan, Chauncey, SACB-Rundgren

Name IP H R ER BB SO Decison
Ronald Belisario 7 3 4 3 2 3 L (0-1)
Elvis DeJesus 1 3 1 1 0 2 ND

Name IP H R ER BB SO Decison
Nick Plancich 5 3 1 1 0 4 ND
Ben Julianel 1.1 8 2 2 0 2 ND
Josh Merrigan 2.2 2 0 0 0 1 W (3-1)

HB-Belisario, DeJesus, WP-Belisario 4, SO-Wyant, Stokes, Hicks 2, Arnott, Tucker, Zapey, Lemon, Johnson, Nelson 2, Moore, BB-Roman, Moore
U-Waters, Miller

Voice Of A Season Ticket Holder
by David Malamut

The Cougars again left way too many runners on base and it cost them in the end. They left 10 men on base, seven on those runners were left in scoring positon.

Jason Stokes had three hits, in the game all of them were singles. The Cougars out hit the Chiefs in the game 13-6

Ronald Belizario started and was his own worst enemy. He had four wild pitches, three of those lead to runs being scored for the Chiefs. Belizario went seven innings, and gave up only three hits. He did allow four runs to score, while only three of them were earned. Ron retired the first seven Chiefs he faced before hitting the number eight hitter. After that he fell apart, in the next four innings he allow all of the damage that was done to him.

Nick Planchich started for the Chiefs and pitched very well. He went five innings, and gave up three hits and one run. Planchich did not walk any one and struck out four.

The Cougars had a chance to score in the sixth, with two outs Jason Stokes singled to left. Scott Hicks singled to center. George Arbott then hit one back to the pitcher, Josh Merrigan. Merrigan got the ball and promtly fell on his behind, and wasn't able to get the throw off. The bases were know loaded for Michael Tucker. Tucker grounded back to Merrigan who tagged him out to end the inning.

The scoring started in the third, when the Cougars scored one run. With one out Rex Rundgren singled to left. William Arroyo then doubled to left to get Rundgren to third. Charles Frazier then grounded out to short, on the play Rundgren scored.

The Chiefs tied the game in the fourth when Jesse Roman led things off by reaching on an error by leftfielder George Arnott. Arnott just dropped the ball. Roman would get to second. Tim Lemon grounded out to short, to moce Roman to third. Chris Duncan then grounded out to second, on the play Roman would score.

Peoria took the lead in the fifth when with one out, Bryan Moore walked. Moore would get to third, on a two base wild pitch by Belizario. Clinton Chauncey then singled to center to drive home Moore. Chauncey would get to second on another wild pitch. Rick Asadoorian grounded out to third, on the play Chauncey went to third. Neil Sminoneaux then singled to center to score Chauncey.

The Cougars would tie the game in the seventh. With one out Rex Rundgren hit one back off the pitcher for an infield hit. William Arroyo singled to left. Charles Frazier singled to center to load the bases. Hunter Wyant hit one over to short, the throw to first, Duncan at first couldn't catch the ball, so everyone was safe. On the play Rundgren scored. On the throw Arroyo would score.

In the bottom of the inning the Chiefs scored to take the lead. With one out Clinton Chauncey doubled to left. Rick Asadoorian flied out to right, on the play Chauncey tagged up to get to third. Chauncey would score on a wild pitch by Belizario.

The Chiefs would add one more run in the eighth. Jesse Roman doubled to center. Jordan Robison pitch ran for him. Tim Lemon struck out. Chris Duncan was hit by a pitch. Chase Voshell pitch ran for him. Gabe Johnson hit a homerun foul, onto the street, it went a long, long way. Johnson would then single to short to load the bases. John Nelson then singled to left to score Robison.

Notes-Before the game with everyone of the players stretching and warming up in the outfield, some how the sprinklers came on, the only player that got watered was Kris Clute. They waterd the infield for some reason, and that mess up made it so that the players were slip and sliding.

Play By Play

Cougars 1st
Frazier, fly out to left field
Wyant, ground out to catcher
Stokes, ground out third base to first base

Chiefs 1st
Simoneuax, ground out second base to first base
Roman, ground out pitcher to first base
Lemon, ground out third base to first base

Cougars 2nd
Hicks, strike out
Arnott, ground out short stop to first base
Tucker, strike out

Chiefs 2nd
Duncan, line out to third base
Johnson, fly out to rightfield
Nelson, strike out

Cougars 3rd
Zapey, ground out second base to first base
Rundgren, single to left
Arroyo, double to left, Rundgren to third
Frazier, ground out short stop to first base, Rundgren scored, Arroyo to third
Wyant, ground out short stop to first base

Chiefs 3rd
Moore, ground out to first base
Chauncey, hit by pitch
Asadoorian, ground out third base to first base, Chauncey to second
-Chauncey to third on wild pitch
Simoneaux, lined out to second

Cougars 4th
Stokes, strike out
Hicks, line out to first
Arnott, strike out

Chiefs 4th
Roman, reaches second on error by left field Arnott
Lemont, ground out short stop to first base, Roman to third
Duncan, ground out second base to first base, Roman scored
Johnson, ground out third base to first base

Cougars 5th
Tucker, single to center
Zapey, fly out to center
Rundgren, sacrifice bunt out pitcher to first base, Tucker to second
Arroyo ground out pitcher to first base

Chiefs 5th
Nelson, fly out to center
Moore, walk
-wild pitch moves Moore to second
Chauncey, single to center, Moore scored
-wild pitch moves Chauncey to second
Asadoorian, ground out third base to first base, Chauncey to third
Simoneaux single to center, Asadoorian scored
-Simoneaux stole second
Roman, walked
Lemon, flied to center

Cougars 6th
Pitching ChangeBen Julianel replaces Nick Plancich
Frazier, pop up foul to first
Wyant, strike out
Stokes, single to left
Hicks, single to center, Stokes to second
Arnott, single to pitcher, bases loaded
Tucker, ground out to pitcher

Chiefs 6th
Duncan, pop out to right
Johnson, strike out
Nelson, strike out

Cougars 7th
Zapey, strike out
Rundgren, single to pitcher
Arroyo, single to left, Rundgren to second
Frazier, single to center, bases loaded
Wyant, single to short, Rundgren scored, Arroyo scored on error by short stop, Frazier to second, Wyant to first
Stokes, single to right, bases loaded
Pitching Change:Josh Merrigan replaces Ben Julianel
Hicks, strikes out
Arnott, pop out to short stop

Chiefs 7th
Moore, ground out pitcher to first
Chauncey, double to left
Asadoorian, fly out to right, Chauncey tagged up moved to third
-wild pitch allows Chauncey to score
Simoneaux, ground out to first

Cougars 8th
Tucker, ground out to second
Zapey, fly out to left
Rundgren, fly out to center

Chiefs 8th
Pitching Change:Elvis DeJesus replaces Ronald Belisario
Roman, double to center
-Pitch Runner:Robison for Roman
Lemon, strike out
Duncan, hit by pitch
Pitch Runner:Voshell for Duncan
Johnson, single to short, bases loaded
Nelson, single to left, Robison scored, bases loaded
Moore, strike out
Chauncey, fly out to center

Cougars 9th
Left Field:Robison for Roman
Arroyo, ground out short stop to first base
Frazier, fly out to right
Wyant, single to right
Stokes, single to center, Wyant to second
Hicks, ground out to first