Quad City at Kane County

April 12th, 2004

Bottom of the ninth heroics is what won the game for the Cougars today. Both teams were really having a hard time hitting in 35 degree weather with a stiff breeze. Then again I was having trouble keeping score in that weather also. With one out in the ninth Brian Ingram doubled down the third base line, the ball just stayed fair and rolled intot he bullpens. Luke Appert then was intentionally walked, to make it so that the double play was still an option for the Swing. David Castillo hit a ball that would've won the game had it been a July game instead of an April game, but here it was just a long loud fly ball to left field for the second out. Unfortunatly both runners thought the ball was gone to, I guess as neither of them tagged up to advance a base. It all didn't matter, as Eddie Kim with a one ball, one strike count on him looped one over the infield to right to bring home Ingram for a Cougars victory, and to keep the record undeafted. There was a nice Eddie, Eddie chant after the run scored, I think people were more happy to be getting out of there and getting somewhere warm than the fact that he got the big hit.

Somehow the Cougars escaped a jam in the top of the inning to even get to that point in the game where they could have the heroics. Kyle Phillips singled to short to lead things off. Dusty Goman was then caught looking for the first out. Sam Taylor walked on five pitches. Cougars pitcher J.R. Pickens did a nice job with Ryan Spataro. After three pitches he got him to ground into a game saving double play to end the inning.

Both teams would have plenty of chances to score throughout the game and neither was able to do much with them, be it the pitchers or the conditions. With one out in the first Cougars starter Jared Trout had Scott Whitrock reach on an error. Ben Pattee then reached on a fielder's choice, then stole second. Brock Peterson walked. Trout though got Kyle Phillips to fly to left to end the inning. In the foruth inning the Swing had another great chance. Pattee lead off with a double to left. Peterson then grounded out to short, on the play Pattee moved to third. Phillips struck out for the second out. Goman then popped out to second to end the inning. In those two inning the Swing stranded three runners.

Brigmer Leon pitched around a walk in the sixth but got a grounder to end the inning. In the seventh he would have a little bit more trouble that that. Sam Taylor doubled to center to led things off. Spataro then bunted him over to third. Paul Rutgers grounded out to short, Taylor held at third. Denard Span grounded out to first to end the inning, stranding Taylor at third.

The Cougars offense didn't do much better, In the first off of Swing starter Adam Harben, Brian Ingram led off with a double to left. Appert walked. Castillo would be caught starring for the first out. Eddie Kim then reached on a fielder's choice with Appert being out at second. Brian SNyder would be caught looking to end the inning and stranding Ingram over at third. The third inning wasn't much better. Ingram lead off with a walk. Appert was caught looking. Castillo singled to center to get Ingram to third. Kim grounded out to first for the second out. Snyder then struck out to end the inning. In those two inning the Cougars stranded three, two of them at third base.

The sixth and the seventh against Swing reliever Kevin Culpepper wasn't any better. In the sixth with one out Snyder singled to center, followed by Dustin Majewski singling to left. David Harriman flied to right, Snyder tagged and went to third on the play. Chris Tritle came on to pitch hit for Danny Gibbons and struck out to end the inning. In the seventh again with one out Ingram and Appert singled. Castillo struck out and Kim grounded out to end the inning. Four more runners stranded to make that ten for the game in seven innings.

The Quad City staff did a nice job, Adam Harben pitched four innings of three hit ball, the thing that got him was three walks. Billy Mauer then had a perfect inning. Culpper gave up four hits in two innings. Not to be outdone the Cougars staff was excellent today. Jared Trout looked good in his first start. He went five giving up four hits. Brigmer Leon gave up a hit in two innings. J.R. Pickens was great in his two innings, giving up only a hit.

Denard Span CF 4 0 1 0
Scott Whitrock RF 4 0 0 0
Ben Pattee 3B 4 0 1 0
Brock Peterson DH 3 0 0 0
Kyle Phillips C 3 0 1 0
Alex Garcia PR 0
Dusty Goman 1B 4 0 1 0
Sam Taylor SS 3 0 1 0
Ryan Spataro LF 3 0 0 0
Paul Rutgers 2B 3 0 1 0
Brian Ingram SS 5 1 3 0
Luke Appert 2B 3 0 1 0
David Castillo C 5 0 1 0
Eddie Kim 1B 5 0 1 1
Brian Snyder 3B 4 0 0 0
Dustin Majewski CF 3 0 2 0
David Harriman DH 3 0 0 0
Kory Wayment PR 0
Danny Gibbons RF 2 0 0 0
Chris Tritle PR/RF 2 0 0 0
Luis Perez LF 4 0 0 0

E-Taylor (1), Goman (1), Appert (2), LOB-Swing-8, Cougars-13, RLISP-Swing-4, Cougars-5, 2B-Pattee (3), Taylor (1), Ingram 2 (2), RBI-Kim (1), SACB-Spataro, SB-Pattee, CS-Spataro, Majewski, DP-Spataro (Pickens)(6-4-3)
Quad City 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 2
Kane County 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 9 1
Adam Harben 4 3 0 0 3 6 ND 0 0 0 14 17 4 1 77 44
Billy Mauer 1 0 0 0 0 0 ND 0 0 0 4 4 1 2 15 11
Kevin Culpepper 2 4 0 0 0 2 ND 0 0 0 10 10 3 1 45 27
Julio DePaula 1.2 2 1 1 2 3 L (0-1) 0 0 0 7 9 1 1 34 20
Jared Trout 5 4 0 0 1 2 ND 0 0 0 19 20 9 3 79 51
Brigmer Leon 2 1 0 0 1 0 ND 0 0 0 6 8 6 0 33 18
J.R. Pickens 2 1 0 0 1 2 W (1-0) 0 0 0 6 7 2 1 27 19
IBB-Appert (DePaula), SO-Phillips, Castillo, Snyder, Majewski, Harriman 2, Tritle 2, Kc-Whitrock, Goman, Taylor, Appert, Kim, Snyder, BB-Phillips, Taylor, Appert, Ingram, Majewski, Harriman
End of game 100 fans outside, 100 inside heated bathrooms
H-(2,003)(1), A-(2,366)(3), T-(4,369)(4)

Notes-Ok we have a new winner in the Midwest League in several catagories. New-worst nickname besides Lugnuts, The Swing of the Quad Cities, whoever made up that name needs to be put away somewhere for a really long time. Plus whoever thought of the uniform colors, needs there eyesight taken away, because looking at those uniforms hurt my eyes. The baby blue jeresys for batting practice are one thing, those are just bad. The burnt orange jerseys for the games are horrible. Please some tell me those arne't what they have to were the whole year. I really feel sorry for the players in Quad City.

Tomorrows Starters
Ricky Barrett (0-0, 0.00) first start
Steve Bondurant (1-0, 1.50) 2nd start

Remember tomorrows game is a noon game, I heard tomorrow its supposed to climb all the way intot he 40's, wow. oh well maybe that'll mean the little kids wont be as bad.

Midwest League News:
The Bees had a combined no-hitter pitched by Dusty Hughes and Jake Mullis in their 3-0 win over the Rattlers

Alumni News:
Greg Zaun singed with the Blue Jays and was assigned to AAA-Syracuse